Pottery Classes

The goal of my classes is to give the tools to make and create whatever you’ve always wanted to make. I’d like you to learn the skills to throw and handbuild, but it's just as important to me that you have a good experience.

4 - 6 - 8? Which Class Should I Take?

To accommodate people’s schedules and interests, we can figure if a 4, 6, or 8-week Pottery class works best for the group.
Each class meets once a week for 1½ hours to teach wheel throwing and handbuilding: wedging, centering, attachments, slab work, pulling, trimming, glazing, and basic ceramic knowledge.  Included in the cost of instruction is everything you need while you are in class: basic pottery tools, buckets, and towels, bisque and glaze firing, and if you’d like, open studio time to practice what you are learning (you’ll want to come in and practice and continue working.  The studio is open Tuesday – Friday from 10:00-5:00 to use as you like.)

Class Size: There are only 5 wheels available at this time but handbuilding stations are also available.

So, here’s a reminder for what comes with your class:

•   Glazes and kiln space
Studio tools to use while taking your class
•   Studio time to work and practice– Tues.- Fri. from 10-5

Again, should you want more clay during your class semester, it is available for purchase. Class fee is due at time of registrations. If you’re interested, tool kits and a wide variety of individual tools are available for purchase at the studio.

Pottery Class Rates

For groups of 3 or more the cost is $15 per 1 ½ hr. session.
4 Week class: $60
6 Week class: $90
8 Week class: $120

Possible Additional Fees

Clay $25 - per 25 lb. bag / includes all glazes and firing costs.  This allows you to make as little or as much as you like depending on how much clay you wish to purchase.   It also helps cover the costs of all the materials and utilities associated with having a finished product.


Which class should you take? When do you want to start? What day of the week works best for you? Would you prefer an afternoon class or and evening class? How long of a class would you like? Answer these questions, and see if there’s something that fits.

Gift Certificates Available

Introduce your friends to the joys of making pottery. It's the perfect gift for someone who has everything.

Group Activity

If you’re looking for something to do as a one or two time event, consider a creative one.  For groups of 3-5 people we can set up a project or learning experience for you to create your own ceramic piece.  With five wheels I would be able to give an introduction to throwing while OR if you’d rather, we could focus on a handbuilding activity.  The cost is $20/hour a person, which includes lesson, clay, and firings.


•    Wear clothes that you can get dirty - this includes shoes.

If you would like to be added to the mailing list for reminders about when the next classes begin, Raku firings, Pit firings, etc. please contact me.

Lessons are often taught in sequence. Make-up classes may be available during other scheduled class times but must be pre-arranged.
Please pick up your pots once your class is over and or when they are finished. We will hold pots for only 1 month after classes end.