Integrating Form and Surface with Andy Palmer
In this hands-on three day workshop, we'll use the wheel to create functional forms to use to explore and test a variety of decorative surface techniques. Discussions and demonstrations will include mishima, scraffito, using slip for texture and color, as well as how to incorporate objects and patterns from found objects or sprigs we create. Students should also bring 3-5 pieces of bisque to glaze during the workshop as decorative glazing techniques will also be presented.   ...more

Teapot Workshop with Andy Palmer
It is said that the teapot is the culmination of all the skills of the potter. It entails the making of a container which can be many shapes and sizes with a well-fitting lid, a variety of spouts from thrown to handbuilt, many different types of handle solutions, and somehow putting all of these components together in a pleasing and functional manner. In this workshop we will look at a multitude of photos of teapots from around the world and throughout history for inspiration and begin the quest for creating the perfect teapot.   ...more

Woodfiring with Andy Palmer
The three-day workshop provides an intensive introduction to the entire woodfiring experience with multiple options. By condensing the loading and firing into just three days, participants will have the opportunity to have an immersive hands-on experience where multiple processes, variations, and facets of woodfiring are explored. Additionally, the firing provides experienced participants an opportunity to see alternative techniques as well as dialogue with other ceramicists about kiln types, effects of wood, and more technical aspects of achieving specific results. Participants will need to bring green or pre-bisqued cone 10 pots for the firing.    ...more →